Soup of the Day with freshly baked bread 1.300 kr.
Delicious, fresh salad with couscous, feta and sweet dates 1.600 kr.
Smoked Icelandic lamb with salad and horseradish cream 2.100 kr.

Main courses

Oven baked salmon with citrus butter and fried vegetables 4.700 kr.
Catch of the day / Ask the waiter 4.500 kr.
Grilled lamb prime with red wine sauce 5.800 kr.
Tortellini with spinach and prosciutto 3.100 kr.
Greek salad with chicken and ginger salad dressing 2.500 kr.
There are also vegetarian options for the Greek salad and Tortellini  

Eftirréttir / Desserts

Caramel soufflé with fresh fruits 1.700 kr.
Cheese cake with fruits of the forest mix 1.700 kr.
Warm apple cake with whipped cream 1.400 kr.

Surprise menu of the day

Chefs special three course menu of the day 7.200 kr.
Chefs special two course menu of the day 6.200 kr.


To share

Chicken nachos with jalapeno 1.900 kr.
Fried chicken wings with salsa 1.900 kr.
Grilled mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese and bacon 1.900 kr.
The Nachos dish is also available without chicken  


Hamburger with lettuce, onion and tomatoes 1.700 kr.
Cheeseburger with lettuce, onion and tomatoes 1.900 kr.
Bacon burger with lettuce, onion and tomatoes 2.000 kr.
Bifröst burger with camembert, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and chili mayonnaise 2.200 kr.
Veggie burger with lettuce, onion and tomatoes 2.000 kr.
Extra toppings 400 kr.
Extra sauce 200 kr.
All hamburgers come with french fries and ketchup  


Margarita with sauce, cheese & oregano 1.950 kr.
Garlic Bread 1.950 kr.
Hawaiian with ham & pineapple 2.490 kr.
Deluxe with pepperoni, mushrooms & cream cheese 2.890 kr.
Supreme with beef, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, onion & peppers 3.900 kr.
Meat toppings – Beef, ham, pepperone & bacon 400 kr.
Extra cheese, blue cheese, cream cheese and pepper cheese 400 kr.
Mushrooms, peppers, onion, tomatoes, pineapple, black olives and jalapeno 300 kr.
Spices – Garlic, black pepper, peppercorns, oregano & chilli flakes 0 kr.

Red wine

Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile  
Light medium bodied, fruity with touch of plum and vanilla. 5.500 kr.
Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec - Argentina  
Medium bodied, dry with a delicious hint of smokey oak and vanilla 6.600 kr.
Chemin Des Papes Cotes Du Rhone - France  
Soft, spicy with a delicious touch of vanilla 6.000 kr.
Tommasi Ripasso - Italy  
Ruby red, semi-sweet, berried with light oak, dry 7.900 kr.
Glass of red 1.250 kr.

White wine

Frontera Chardonnay - Chile  
Light and dry with a pleasant touch of apples, pineapple and oak  5.500 kr.
Casillero del diablo Sauvignon Blanc - Chile   
Medium bodied, dry with a light taste of grapefruit   6.600 kr.
Stemmari Pinot Grigio - Italy  
Fresh wine with gentle flavor of melones and pears. 6.000 kr.
Glass of white 1.250 kr.


Mateus - Portugal  
Medium bodied, semi-sweet with a delicate flavor of strawberries and fruits of the forest 1.200 kr.

Sparkling wine

Codorniu Clasico Seco - Spain  
Refreshing semi-dry sparkling wine with little bit of fruit, citrus and apples 1.200 kr.